Spending the night with the Titanic Hotel

By Rory Cashin

November 19, 2021 at 9:17am


Arguably the most famous hotel in all of Belfast...

What is the biggest factor when it comes to picking your hotel?

The reasonable price? The fancy-ness? The location? The friendliness of the staff?

Well, you'll be happy to hear that the Titanic Hotel in Belfast checks all of those boxes, and then some. We'll get the obvious out of the way first, mentioning that the hotel is literally right across the road from not only Belfast's primary tourist attraction, but a multiple award-winning museum that has drawn folk from all over the world.

Contrasting against the gorgeous architecture of the Titanic Museum, the Titanic Hotel is housed within the building that was originally used to draw up the designs of the legendary ship, with much of the structure remaining practically identical to how it looked when the Titanic set sail in 1912.

The hotel is situated in the depths of the Titanic Quarter, which has some nice coffee shops and other tourist attractions to enjoy, and maybe a 20-minute walk from the town centre if you're looking to embrace the Belfast nightlife.


Once inside the hotel itself, the lushness of the hotel hits you immediately. The very friendly and helpful staff direct you to your room, with reception and elevator adorned with ornate decoration and styling. Beyond that, in the hallways of the hotel rooms, you'll find yourself practically plunged into darkness. The lighting illuminates only the door numbers, giving an impression of actually being in the depths of a ship at night-time, making for a cool touch right as you arrive to your room.

The rooms themselves are plush and bright, the bed as soft as a marshmallow, the bathrooms decked out with a generously sized bathtub. Its everything you expect from a high end hotel, but all on the higher end of the classiness scale. It all feels expensive, like you're being spoiled with the best version of everything.

Elsewhere in the hotel, you can enjoy cocktails in the cavernous, spacious Harland Bar, one of which is called the Ms Millvina Dean, named after the last survivor of the Titanic. Just beyond the bar, you'll find The Wolff Grill, which was named Ireland’s Hotel Restaurant of the Year by the Irish Hotel Awards earlier this year. The quality level of the food and the service was exceptional, so there are absolutely no questions as to why it took home this award.

The next morning, returning to The Wolff Grill for the buffet breakfast (which, under covid restrictions, is dished up by staff instead of self-service, managing to maintain a happy medium for a buffet), you'll be presented by one of the tastiest breakfasts around. We're not sure why potato bread isn't something enjoyed nationwide, but it was an absolute revelation here; absolutely check that out!

And then, for the tourist in you, once you've enjoyed you bar and dinner and bed and breakfast, you get to walk right out of the building, take a handful of steps, and immerse yourself in the history of arguably the most famous tragedy in recorded history.


Combined, it is the makings of a perfect weekend away staycation through the winter months ahead!

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