Spotlight on: Taryn De Vere, the most colourful woman in Ireland

By Fiona Frawley

January 14, 2022 at 1:52pm


Unless you've been living under a rock - which honestly would be fair enough, it is January after all - you've probably seen Taryn De Vere's bright and playful looks inspired by household objects doing the rounds in your Whatsapp groups, on Insta and beyond.

The Donegal mum of 5 has been brightening up her corner of the 'gram for years now with impactful headpieces, colourful ensembles and iconic accessories.

Via Instagram/Taryn De Vere

But over the past month her #objectdresschallenge which sees her put together a daily look inspired by a household object (anything from a tin of beans to sink unblocker) has grown legs and gotten her featured on ABC tv, Sky, BBC and RTÉ to name a few. Taryn was kind enough to have a chat with Lovin about her inspirations, and how it feels to be bringing joy to so many during an otherwise dreary month.

What gave you the idea to start the object dress challenge?

I've been working 2 years straight with no break (I'm self employed) so I decided to take January as a holiday/time to think about my next career. My friend suggested that I spend the month being creative. I was looking at all the grim news at the end of December so I decided that being mostly housebound for January would be wise. Then I thought well if I have to stay in my house I might as well be inspired by my house. So I set myself the challenge of dressing as different items in my house every day.
Image via Instagram/TDV 

You must be one of the savviest charity shoppers ever, the pieces you find and include in your looks are amazing! Can you tell us a bit about your sustainability journey?

I've been a passionate charity shopper since I was a small child. My great aunty ran a charity shop & I loved spending time in amongst all the cool stuff. So some items of clothing I have, I've owned since I was 16. The key to charity shopping is to go often & without expectation. I often leave empty handed but when I do get something it's usually special.

How do you choose what daily objects to take your inspiration from?

I choose items based on the colours so I know I can recreate the look and on the type of product it is. I try and mix up food & other household items.
Image via Instagram/ TDV 

What's been your favourite look so far?

My favourite look so far is the toothpaste. It's such an elegant look & not even close to anything I ever would have styled if I wasn't trying to look like toothpaste.
The look in question, via Instagram/TDV

How does it feel to be brightening up everyone's January, and knowing how many people are absolutely loving following the object dress challenge?

It feels amazing to know that I'm providing a bit of joy & levity at such a dark time. I've had so many people tell me that they wake up in the morning and check my Instagram first thing to see what I'm wearing. The fact that it has now had a global reach is amazing too, I've been on tv in the UK, Malta, Germany, France, Australia and of course Ireland. I've also been approached by some American tv shows. It's all been a lot of fun, I'm having the best January I've ever had!
A lot of my followers have decided they're joining me on the 31st so I'm really excited to see what people come up with when everyone shares their pictures.
I've had requests from people all over the world too so I'm extending the challenge to February when I'll be dressing as things in other people's houses!
Image via Instagram/TDV 

You can follow Taryn's journey on her Instagram. We can't wait to see what look she takes on next.

Header image via Instagram/taryndevere

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