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03rd Feb 2018

Here’s How Much The Average Irish Couple Spends On Every Aspect Of Their Wedding


Planning a wedding? You miiiight want to either take out a whopper loan (the very thought makes us shudder) or start saving like, ten years ago. 

Yikes. Sure isn’t a small wedding better anyway?

One thing that can really eat into the budget for the wedding is the dress. With shows like Say Yes To The Dress showing insanely rich American gals spending upward of $30k on a wedding dress, the pressure to have the “best” dress can be immense. 

So, just how much money does the average Irish bride spend on their dress?

A recent survey by has revealed that Irish brides are spending more than ever on their dress for the big day, with brides shelling out about €1,787 for the dress. 

The survey also revealed that 60% of brides go over their budget.

Here’s how much every single aspect of the wedding costs on average:

The average Irish couple has a budget of over €26,000 for their wedding.

Venue  €12,413
Weddings Rings  €1,292
Engagement Ring  €1,849
Wedding Band  €2,019
DJ  €434
Photographer  €1,597
Videographer  €1,283
Wedding Dress  €1,787
Ceremony Music  €440
Evening Entertainment (Non Musical – Magician, dancers, comedian etc.)  €570
Honeymoon  €5,261
Celebrant  €347
Make-up Total (inc. Bridesmaids)  €368*
Hair Total (inc. Bridesmaids)  €313*
Wedding Planner  €1,523
Bridesmaid Dresses  €726*
Accessories  €504
Wedding Suits  €1,068**
Wedding Car  €457
Wedding Cake  €378
Décor  €677
Flowers  €674
Invitations  €369
Ceremony Booklets  €257
Foodie Treats  €358
Hen/Stag per person  €253

*average of 3 bridesmaids

**4-5 suits bought on average

Maybe being single isn’t so bad after all?

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