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15th Apr 2021

The notorious ‘West Cork’ podcast is now freely available

Lynda Keogh

If you’re like me you’ve become a podcast fiend, especially since we started working from home. This could be the next one to line up.

I’ve always wanted to listen to the infamous West Cork podcast, but I’ve always been a bit too stingy to pay for the subscription app it was previously housed on. I’m also one of those people that if I sign up to a ‘free trial period’ – I’m more than likely going to forget and end up paying for the subscription anyway.

But, I’ve discovered this podcast is now free to listen to! This podcast has been one of the most discussed and intriguing podcasts released in the last number of years. This is a truly gripping story and I would highly recommend listening to this podcast series.

*Trigger Warning* – This is a true crime podcast with mentions and descriptions of murder. 

What is West Cork about?

In 1996, a few days before Christmas, the island of Ireland and more specifically the town of Schull in West Cork was rattled by the mysterious and brutal murder of French writer Sophie Toscan du Plantier. This horrific event is locally referred to as ‘the murder‘. Sophie’s beaten and bludgeoned body was found close to her holiday home in the isolated area of Dreenane, West Cork; with no motive or no hint as to who could responsible for this terrible crime.

A British man living locally in West Cork, Ian Bailey, has been arrested several times in relation to the murder. However, Bailey has never been charged by the Gardaí or the Irish Courts with having any involvement in Sophie’s murder.

The podcast details the haphazard and muddled investigation of the crime scene and murder itself, the impact this event has had on the local community and the perpetual mystery surrounding the perpetrator.

25 years later, Sophie’s murder still remains unsolved.

How many episodes are there & how are they structured?

There are 13 episodes. Each episode is approximately 35 minutes long.

The hosts are British investigative journalist Sam Bungey and documentarian Jennifer Forde. Each episode is a mix of storytelling by the hosts. Interviews and snippets from locals and experts alike. From the man who was the last known person to see Sophie alive, to the woman who found her body, the Gardaí involved in and the investigation forensic expert brought in to help solve the case.

Ian Bailey and his partner also make an appearance.

Where can I listen for free?

You can catch these episodes for free on Apple Podcasts or click the link right here.

Lead Image of Schull via Shutterstock