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27th Mar 2019

The 10 Things That Annoy Wedding Guests The Most Have Been Revealed

James Fenton

When you get to a certain age, it feels like you’re asked to attend a wedding every other weekend. While this says a lot for your popularity, it doesn’t exactly do much for your bank balance and you’re often tempted to politely turn down the invite.

However, under the surface the occasions are generally good craic but it seems there are a few things that wedding guests would like to change. UK jeweller Goldsmiths has carried out a survey of 3,000 people which reveals the top ten pet hates for people who are asked to attend weddings.

Unsurprisingly, given the financial costs involved, being invited to a wedding or a stag/hen do overseas comes in at number one with 39% cited this issue, followed by having to deal with screaming children (36%).

The full list of wedding bug bears is as follows:

  1. Being invited to a hen/stag do and wedding abroad (39%)
  2. Screaming children (36%)
  3. Drunken relatives (34%)
  4. Inconvenient location (29%)
  5. Long and cringeworthy speeches (29%)
  6. Long ceremony (26%)
  7. Long waits for food (25%)
  8. Not receiving a plus one when invited (22%)
  9. Being asked for money for the wedding gift (17%)
  10. When a wedding falls on a weekday (13%)

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