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10th Oct 2019

The Top 10 Cutest Influencer Dogs To Follow

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Hands up if you’re guilty of following influencers mainly because of how cute their dogs are…

Ok maybe it’s not the only reason but jaysus they are cute – the dogs, obvs.

While my pup is at home in Wicklow with my parents I like to live vicariously through the influencers who have dogs. I think that’s probably the best thing about being an influencer, you actually have time to take care of a fury friend and you don’t have to leave them at home alone form 9-5 daily.

Here are the top 10 doggos that are too adorable not to follow:

10. Cooper – Lousie Cooney

Cooper Cooney has appeared on the cover of a magazine because he’s so cute. The long-haired dachshund can often be seen in Louise’s Instagram posts and stories.

9. Wilco – Rozanna Purcell

Willy is an adventurous spirit who loves joining Roz on her many scenic hikes around the country.

8. Remi – Ciara O Doherty

Remi is a rescue dog and literally a little princess. She can be found snuggling under mounds of cosy blankets and wearing some iconic jackets.

What a fashionista!

7. El – Evan Doherty

Eleven or El for short is one of the most photogenic dogs around, probably because she spends a lot of her time in Evan’s photo studio.

What a cutie.

6. Stanley – Sarah Hanrahan

Also a rescue, Stanley is one of the most precious and loving dogs ever.

He is always curled up on Sarah’s lap looking for affection which makes me love him so much more.

Look at those ears.

4. Pippa – Kelly Horrigan

There’s an entire highlight dedicated to Pippa on Kelly’s Instagram and I won’t lie, I have watched it more times than I can count.

She has the eyelashes I could only dream of having.

Such a stunner.

3. Bear – Caroline Foran

Bear reminds me of an Ewok in the best way possible, his little face and ears are unbearably cute.

I’ve slid into Caroline’s DM’s far too many times telling her how obsessed with him I am.

2. Poppy And Rufus – Chupi

These two will melt your heart.

Read the caption below to find out why:

1. Rua 

Am I an influencer? Definitely not.

Did I write this entire article to put my own dog at number 1? Absolutely.

Do I regret this decision? Not in the slightest.

Am I about to share a million photos of my own dog on a Lovin article? Yep!

You’re welcome…

Who’s your favourite influencer dog?

Leave it in the comment below!