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28th Jul 2021

These candles are a must for the nostalgia queen in your life

Fiona Frawley

The future feels too bleak these days, so we’ve been looking to the past as a coping mechanism.

Butterfly clips, the return of the kitten heel and comfort watching 90s tv shows (if you didn’t go down a Sister Sister hole during lockdown I’m sorry, we can’t be friends) – they’re all back and we love it. And if you’ve been looking to sprinkle your interiors with nostalgia as well as your wardrobe, these candles are for you.

If you were a tween in the late 90s/early noughties, you’ll know the Nokia 3310 was a rite of passage. Usually obtained with confirmation money or if you were lucky, as a gift for starting secondary school, these babies were the biz. About ten days of battery life in them, and they’d survive a nuclear bomb never mind a fall from your pocket. Irish business Execute Exist has brought them back in candle form and I’m obsessed.

The iconically named burner candle has a relaxing lavender sent and is made from eco-friendly, slow burning vegan wax. Also, there’s something magical about setting a phone, (the source of 90% of the anxiety of modern life lets be real) on fire and chilling the f out. My one critique is that they don’t have snake but look, no ones perfect. Get yourself over to the Execute Exist website to order yours.

Header image via Instagram/Execute Exist 

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