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These Three Tips Will Always Make You Go To The Gym – Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

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It’s cold out, you’re tired and the last thing you want to do is go for a workout…

A poll of 2,000 adults found that 54% of people believe they need to exercise more often than they currently do, with a lack of time (44%), motivation (43%) and money (18%) listed as the biggest barriers.

If you’ve been planning to get fit and healthy this year but find yourself lacking motivation to actually make it to the gym, follow these three scientifically proved tips that will help you make it.

1. Go to bed early the night before so you’re not tired

2. Tell at least one person your gym plans so you can’t back out

3. Have three sets of exercise clothes so you always have something to wear

‘It’s the weekend’, ‘my gym kit is still dirty’ and ‘my battery has died so I can’t listen to music’ are some of the most popular excuses used to miss hitting the gym.

38% of people also revealed that they found it easier to exercise with a friend, so if you’re finding it really tough ask a mate to come along with you. And remember, everyone was a beginner once.

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