This Is The Best Time To Fall Asleep At Depending On What Time You Need To Get Up In The Morning

Feeling tired this morning? Read this.

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Web-blinds have created the ultimate formula based on your body's natural rhythm which ensures that you will never wake up tired again.

The Sleep Calculator is pretty self-explanatory and figures out the best time for you to go to sleep at depending on when you need to wake up.

For example, if you want to get up at 8am, they recommend the following times for falling asleep:

  • 10:46pm
  • 12:16am
  • 1:46am
  • 3:16am

There's a big gap between the first time and the last time which means you could get nine hours sleep or five hours sleep and still wake up refreshed after both. 

Web-blinds base their calculations on Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and the five stages of the sleep cycle.

Why not calculate your sleep time and see if it has any influence on your tiredness.

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