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18th Dec 2017

This Is The Top Excuse Irish People Use When They Don’t Want To Go Out


Christmas is just a week away and we’re in the midst of prime party season, but sometimes we’re just not in the mood – and we’re not alone. 

According to a recent survey by Deliveroo, more than 70% of people prefer a quiet night in to going on the tear. 

Having to spend money, see people they didn’t want to see and make an effort to dress up were all given as reasons the Irish public would rather curl up with Netflix than paint the town red. 

Half of those surveyed said they would initially accept an invitation to a night out, knowing full well they have no intention of going. 

When it comes to excuses, the most popular ones are obvious enough. 

Nearly a fifth of people pretend they have other plans, while 16% just say they “can’t come” and 13% let on that they’re sick. 

Just 8% tell the truth and say they don’t want to go, while 5% say they’ll be there and never bother cancelling at all – the absolute snakes. 

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