This website posts the price of fuel at garages all over Ireland

By Fiona Frawley

July 28, 2022 at 9:07am


As dads across the country continue to tut and murmur "disgraceful" under their breaths every time they pass a garage, this website needs to be bookmarked on all Irish phones.

Whether you're a driver or not, at this stage you're probably aware of the rising cost of fuel. As it stands, there's been an average price increase of 44% for petrol and 54% for diesel in the last year, with average fuel costs reaching well over €2 at certain points over the last few months.

Prices look to finally be coming down to below the €2 mark with averages of about €1.90 for both diesel and unleaded at most pumps. However, even with this price cut the cost of fuel remains at a record high, and now more than ever we all have our eyes peeled every time we pass a petrol station price board.

That's where comes in.

The website documents fuel prices all over the country so you don't have to waste petrol driving around to find the best bargains at the pump, defeating the whole purpose.

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As you'd imagine, it's a fairly depressing page to be on at the moment seeing as you pretty much have to take out a mortgage to fill up the car. But always good to be in the know, and a handy one to discuss with your father in law during awkward silences at family gatherings.

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