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17th Dec 2017

Three Simple Tips For Buying A Christmas Gift That’s Actually Not Shite


We dunno what’s worse: being the giver of a shit gift or the receiver. If you’ve ever eagerly awaited a family member to open your Christmas gift only for their face to be nauseatingly disappointed when they see what it is then we feel your pain. 

And if you’ve been on the end of trying to pretend to like something seriously useless – we feel your pain even more. 

It’s almost 2018 people. Let’s stop giving each other crappy presents. PLEASE. Follow these handy tips put together by Time Magazine and start getting stuff right…

Give people things that they actually want

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people still think that a “surprise gift” is the way go.

study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that surprises actually aren’t as well received as the gift-giver might expect. If in doubt just ask them. Nobody wants something weird.

If in doubt get a gift card

Believe us, they’re actually not a lazy or impersonal gift. A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, for example, found that they were the most requested gift of 2015. 

Wanna make it even simpler? Other research has found that people are actually quite chuffed to just get cash as a gift.

Give gifts that will last a while 

Everyday items like kitchen tools or interior gadgets might not have the WOW factor but  a study published last year in Current Directions in Psychological Science discovered that people actually prefer presents they can use for months and years afterward, rather than something that has a novelty which soon wears off.

See? No excuse for crap gifts this year. We’re gonna forward this on to every member of our family…

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