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09th Nov 2017

Tiffany Is Now Selling a ‘Ball Of Yarn’ For €10,400


Tiffany have unveiled their latest collection titled ‘Everyday Objects’ and it’s turning a lot of heads. 

The luxury American retailer now has a range of typical everyday objects that have been turned into “handcrafted works of art”.

One item includes a “Ball of Yarn” which comes at a hefty price tag of €10,400 as it’s made of textured sterling silver and there’s only five handmade limited edition pieces.

Still though…it’s a ball of yarn.



Other notiony objects include a two-set pair of china cups which are made to look like your ordinary paper coffee cup for €110.

Have a look:



And there is also a ‘tin can’ which is meant to act as a pencil and pen holder for €1,150, made up of sterling silver and vermeil.

This one is actually sold out online. 




Would you buy any of these items?

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