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04th Dec 2017

Ugh – 9 Struggles Every Commuter Can Relate To


Almost all of us know the everyday struggles we face when having to travel to and from work.

Unless you live right beside it, you probably have to commute and with traffic, oh boy, you’re spending basically forever on the road.

It’s heartbreaking and frustrating most of the time. 

Here are nine struggles that we can all relate to when travelling.

1. Delay after delay after delay

You can’t trust Irish roads and traffic to move quickly. 

Something always happens that ends up making your trip that bit longer and it drives you insane.

You end up having to leave your house earlier just to make it to your workplace on time. 

And then again, you’re probably going to be late so you have to rush.

2. People trying to talk to you on public transport

Sometimes you can be really tired when travelling to and from work and you just want to doze off or enjoy some quality time alone.

Well sadly, that isn’t always the case. You do tend to get people who sit beside you and want to strike up a conversation. 

Even when you’ve headphones in that still doesn’t stop some people.

3. Manspreading

If you travel on public transport you are very aware of this. The only seat available ends up being beside a man who is ‘manspreading’.

If you’re not aware of the term, it’s when men sit on public transport with their legs wide apart and end up covering a lot of the seat beside them.

You end up getting to sit on just the edge of the chair, because there is not much room.

There’s nothing worse.

4. Loud phone conversations

While some of us love to eavesdrop on conversations happening around us when commuting, sometimes it’s just too much.

Someone always answers their phone and have the loudest conversation, ever.

Are they actually aware of how loud they are?

5. The sardine can experience of the Luas

Everyone in Dublin can relate to this at some point in their lives when they actually take the Luas somewhere.

It’s always packed and most of the time (especially if you get on near central town) you end up stuck standing, clinging onto a pole for dear life.

People end up being that little bit too close for your liking but sure, at least you were able to get on the Luas and not have to wait for the next.

You hope that you wriggle you way out when it comes to your stop.

6. The sinking feeling you get when you realise your approaching bus is not gonna stop

So you’re waiting on your usual bus at your usual spot and your bus is due.

You begin to panic in case it doesn’t turns up, because then you are definitely going to be late for work. 

At last with a sigh of relief, you can see the bus in the distance. But then as you have your hand out you realise the driver has no intention to stop. It’s probably because the bus is full, but still you’re annoyed.

It’s like slow motion as it passes you by and you curse it under your breath.

There’s no worse feeling.

7. The morning and evening rush to and from work that leaves you stuck in traffic for far too long

You always thought it was a good idea to drive to and from work.

But then you realise how bad traffic really is, because everyone thought the same.

If you get caught in peak morning traffic, you end up wanting to tear your hair out.

You feel like you’re never going to move and hope that the radio is decent for you to listen to, because it’s going to be awhile.

8. Falling asleep and missing your stop

Travelling and working can really tire you out. 

Sometimes the train or bus is nice and cozy and you end up just ‘resting your eyes’ for a minute but long behold, you fall asleep.

And you jerk awake when you realise what has happened and you notice that you’ve missed your stop, by a lot.

God dammit.

9. When someone plays music out loud for everyone to hear

Let’s face it, headphones are a great invention. 

But some people don’t seem so keen on using them, and instead of listening to their own taste of music by themselves, they decide to play it out of the speaker of their phone.

Sometimes it’s the radio or sometimes its rap or club music and it’s really loud. 

It’s not what you want to hear first thing in the morning or when you want to relax coming home from work.

Use headphones, please!

Which one do you relate to the most?

Let us know in the comments below!

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