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09th Aug 2023

Tourists left shocked after receiving bill of €522 for two drinks and two appetisers

Katy Thornton

tourists bill €522

Other holidaymakers have reported the same issue at this Mykonos restaurant.

US tourist Amber Pace got the shock of her life when she was handed an extortionate bill while out for a meal in Greece.

She told of how she went out while on holidays for dinner, had two drinks and squid and was handed the equivalent of a €522 (£450) bill for a single meal.

The US holidaymaker was over in Mykonos when she decided to get some seafood at DK Oysters.


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Joined by her friend Aubrey, the pair ordered a small lunch consisting of just two appetisers and two cocktails.

“I just saw the price £17 (€20) for the fried calamari I got and my friend got the king crab legs that said £28 (€32),” Pace told The Sun, adding that she checked with their waiter about the bill “three times”.

But the Mykonos meal was not all that it seemed.

The calamari was “rubbery”, Pace said, and the crab legs, “salty”, but the real let down came when the bill was presented.

“Our server gave us a paper receipt that said £85 (€98) for fried calamari and £160 (€185) for king crab legs. We nearly lost it,” Pace said.

The bill came to £450 (€522), including a 10 per cent service fee.

The tourists had been charged “by the pound”, with staff insisting that they ordered four pounds of seafood.

The following day the women returned to the restaurant to complain.

But, Pace said, the manager wasn’t having it and was “downright rude.”

“He basically told us it was our fault for not reading the menu properly. He laughed in our face and did not do anything about it,” the 25-year-old said, adding that she never wants to return to Mykonos.

Pace hasn’t been the only one to feel the bite of DK Oyster prices.

TripAdvisor contains other stories from holidaymakers claiming they were charged more than they’d expected.

Owner Dimitrios Kalamaras says that “false claims” are being left on the review website and told Metro: “I understand that some people may find our prices beyond their budget and I totally respect their opinion, even if they do not appreciate the value of our services, cuisine, concept and experience.”

This article originally appeared on JOE UK

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