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10th Feb 2021

Wedding organisers have asked three key questions of the Government regarding 2021 ceremonies

James Fenton

Wedding organisers have started a petition with the aim of getting more clarity from the Government on the situation regarding weddings in 2021.

Weddings in Ireland have been affected by Covid-19 restrictions since March of last year and a petition posted on says that ‘as an industry we contribute in excess of €2 billion every year to the economy.  However we currently are not recognised as a valuable industry.’

The article states that ‘the Irish wedding industry is made up of many different suppliers of goods and services located all over the country. As an industry we are currently not recognised by any Government department and as such are not eligible for Government financial supports. We have tried everything to gain some insight and clarity for our couples for their weddings. We need a plan. We fully support public health advice and we understand the requirement for restrictions.

The petition aims to put three key questions to the Government which are as follows:

  1. When will weddings over six people be permitted to take place?
  2. What will the maximum numbers for weddings be for the rest of 2021?
  3. When will a plan be put in place for “real” weddings to take place?

It also asks for ‘recognition for the wedding industry and its value to the economy.’ Wedding organisers say that ‘you cannot plan your wedding in a vacuum of information, we are asking the government to engage with the Irish wedding industry and give us some clarity.’

Under current Level 5 restrictions, which are due to be reviewed before expiring on March 5, a maximum of six guests are permitted to attend a wedding. You can very the Irish Wedding Industry’s petition via this link.

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