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PIC: Controversial ‘Women’s Day’ Ad From Sligo Nightclub Is A Very Brave Move

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Thursday was International Women’s Day and this nightclub down in Sligo was open for business. 

They took to Facebook to announce that the county’s number one nightclub was ready for another night of madness and their barman Johnny wanted to post a special advert just for the day that was in it. 

They advised him not to but Johnny being Johnny, decided that he would go and do it anyway. 

The picture shows loads of crashed cars which looked to be getting impounded which we assume is to mean that women are bad drivers.

The post reads:

“Our bar man Johnny stayed up all night designing 
this ad. We told him not to post it 
but he insisted. #justforthelaugh 
Happy International Women’s day. Make 
sure to drop by tonight at Sligo’s No 1 
Johnny is working”.

We’d love to know how Johnny got on behind the bar last night after posting this. We’d say his ears were burning.

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