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03rd Sep 2021

There were a lot of unexpected visitors to Irish waters this week.. who will we see next?

Fiona Frawley

At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder flaked out on a dinghy off the coast of Donegal.

Obviously Wally the Walrus is pretty much a resident at this stage, but this week there were a few other unexpected visitors around the coast that caught the eye of staycationing families and locals alike. Who will we see next? Soft shell turtles catching waves at Strandhill? Manatees in Mayo? While we wait in anticipation for the next sighting of an unexpected sea creature (I’m rooting for the turtles), here’s a round up of all the ones that paid us a visit this week:

Basking Sharks in Keem Bay, Clare

Hundreds of basking sharks were spotted this week in Keem Bay, engaging in what experts believe to be courtship behaviour. It’s like a local GAA disco, but underwater. Read more about it HERE.

Portugese Man O’Wars at Ardmore Beach, Waterford

Understandably, no one was particularly excited to hear these lads were back in Irish waters. But you can read more about the most recent sighting and what to do if you’re stung by one HERE. Handy info for all sea swimmers!

Humpback Whales off the coast of Kilkee, Clare

Clare is the place to be at the moment for staycationers and giant sea mammals alike. Read about the sightings and see some incredible snaps of humpbacks enjoying their time off the West Clare coast HERE.

And an update from Wally Watch to finish us off…

Even though we’re almost getting used to him at this stage, it’s still nice knowing what he’s up to. 800kg Wally is still enjoying his time off the coast of West Cork, napping and catching the last of the summer rays on his favourite pontoon. Read all about it HERE.

Header image via Instagram/baskingirish

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