10 Crucial Precautions Irish People Should Take As Ophelia Approaches

By niallharbison

October 15, 2017 at 12:11pm


Ophelia could very well be the biggest storm in more than 50 years and given that we're not very used to this sort of weather event, we thought we'd round up some tips to help keep you safe over the next few days.

It really is time to take some extra precautions...

1. Bring your cats and dogs indoors

Find them a safe place inside the house as they can become spooked and run off. Also, make sure their microchip details are up to date.

2. Move your car away from possible falling debris

Trees are an obvious one, but parts of the roof can come off, flying debris from smaller buildings and windows are also a concern.

3. Buy supplies

Including food, water, protective clothing, medications, batteries and flashlights. 

4. Charge all your devices

Power and electricity can be one of the first things to go and can be gone for days so make sure you have lots of devices and back ups charged.

5. Stay away from the windows during the storm

Shattering glass is the most dangerous element. If you can't have them boarded up, then stay as far away from windows as possible.

6. Create an evacuation plan

Learn about your local shelters and if you live in coastal areas, or areas prone to flooding, make sure you have a clear route to safety.

7. Remove debris and leaves from gutters and spouts

There's going to be a huge amount of rain so make sure everything has been cleaned and is clear so the rain can flow away.

8. Stay indoors during the storm

Especially during the storm, as it will have lulls at certain times. Wait for the authorities to give the all clear. The biggest danger and way most people get injured or killed is by flying debris and falling trees.

9. Secure outside areas 

Garden furniture. Plant pots. Mats. Ornaments. Anything that's not secured or tied down could get picked up by the wind and become incredibly dangerous.

10. Fill your car up with fuel

But, as Teresa Mannion would say, don't make unnecessary journeys.

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