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7 Things Irish People Are Sick To Death Of Hearing

By kaylawalsh

February 22, 2018 at 10:17pm


Being Irish is great, but sometimes we get sick of the stereotypes and negativity. 

Here are seven things we'd be happy never to hear again. 

1. "Why aren't you drinking?"

Ok, so the Irish like a drink, but that doesn't mean we have to be drunk all day, every day. We don't have to drink Guinness either. 

2. "The weather is shite"

Yes, it rains a lot. We're aware. 

3. "I'm Irish"

If your great, great, great grandmother was born in Ennis but you were born and raised in Ohio, I'm sorry to say you're not Irish. 

4. "Do you know Conor McGregor?"

No, we don't know every famous person that has ever lived in Ireland. 

We probably know someone who knows them, but that's irrelevant...

5. "Top of the morning to you!"

This is not an expression anyone Irish has ever said. 

6. "Niall Horan is a top British star"

From Katie Taylor to Cillian Murphy, people need to stop saying Irish stars are British. 

7. "There are no opportunities here"

Really, nothing at all? I guess we'll join you in Australia so. 

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