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14th Nov 2018

Help Desperately Needed After 70 Dogs And Puppies Are Rescued From One Irish Home

Kiara Keane

An animal rescue charity is calling for urgent help after rescuing 70 dogs from one Irish man’s home.

Ash Animal Rescue in Wicklow is asking people to donate what they can so the animals can be treated and rehomed.

The charity explained on their fundraising page that the man’s call to them ‘was a cry for help for the sake of his animals’ after the costs of looking after the dogs became too much for him.

They wrote, ‘Yesterday we received a call from a gentleman who was in a situation that he desperately needed help with. In his care he had 70 dogs.

‘This gentleman out of the kindness in his heart, a few years ago began to take in stray, sick, dumped and unwanted dogs and did his best to care for them.

‘Over time his numbers increased, so too did the cost of looking after them and he was no longer able to afford to get them neutered, vaccinated etc. He got to the point where he struggled to afford to feed them and yesterday his call to us was a cry for help for the sake of his animals.’

The 70 dogs also include several puppies, pregnant dogs and one who has given birth to five puppies since being rescued.

They will all need to be microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas, as well as many of them needing treatment for mange.

They added, ‘We are packed to capacity. This, our friends, is where we ask you to please, please help us. The cost of this mammoth rescue is colossal.’

You can contact Ash Animal Rescue and donate to the cause via their GoFundMe page here.

Main image via Ash Animal Rescue