A Black Woman Received Appalling Racial Abuse While Tweeting From @Ireland

This is the most fucked up thing, ever

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Cyberbullying strikes again. 

Blogger, Michelle Marie received a rake of racial abuse when she was given the @Ireland Twitter account to moderate for a week.

The account was created by Irish Central in 2012 to give a voice to the varied voices of Ireland, from within Ireland and across the world and has over 41,000 followers. 

'The Ireland of today is not confined to the island of Ireland.'

Irish Central

Originally from England, Michelle settled in Ireland and absolutely loves it here.

'It has my heart.'

Hours after she took over the account, the serious racial Tweets began. 

Which she went on to address: 

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And the kind of replies she was receiving were V I L E. 

She responded some positive advice. 

But seriously what the fuck is wrong with people?

Nobody should have to suffer through that kind of shit. 

In conclusion, cop on.

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