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08th Jan 2018

A Burglar Who Injured His Testicles While Robbing A Shop Is Suing The Owner


The owner of a shop in Cavan is being sued by a burglar who injured himself while robbing the premises.

The shop owner, Kevin, spoke on RTÉ Radio One’s Liveline today about his shop being broken into two years ago. 

Kevin said: “Three men broke in to the store at the back of the shop. While they were making their getaway there happened to be someone there and they rang the police and the burglars were caught red handed.”

He said just before the burglars tried to make a getaway with stolen goods the police arrived and they were chased back into the shop.

One of the men injured subsequently injured himself “on a shelf, or something”, according to Kevin. 

He said: “He had a cut to his scrotum.”

The three men were given a six month sentence suspended for two years. 

However, after committing another offence, the man who sustained the injury was arrested and was put in jail. 

Kevin later received a letter from the injured man’s solicitor, asking him to take full responsibility for the incident. However, Kevin contacted the solicitor as it “didn’t make sense”. 

He said: “My solicitor advised me to hand it over to the insurance company because it’s impossible to know what will happen. If I don’t hand it over to the insurance company because it could end up in court and if it’s settled against you I would be held liable.”

He added: “I just have to wait and see what happens next.” 

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