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26th Oct 2021

A decades old message in a bottle from Ireland has been found off the coast of Russia

Fiona Frawley

To be fair to Sting, he called this years ago.

A message in a bottle which may have been cast into the ocean during the 1970s or 80s has been discovered in a Russian port.

According to RTÉ, the message in a bottle was put into the Atlantic Ocean by scientists in Galway decades ago, as part of a study of ocean currents. Scientists at NUI Galway were contacted after the bottle was discovered at the bottom of Kola Bay in Murmansk in northwestern Russia.

The bottle, known as a “drifter”, contained a postcard asking the finder to contact the scientists and let them know where it ended up.

Oceanographer at NUI Galway Dr Martin White told RTÉ that they believe it could have ended up almost 3,000km away in Russia after being carried there by natural currents. He also suggested the bottle could have been picked up by a fishing boat and dumped in the port.

Naturally, Irish Twitter have been having a field day coming up with suggestions for what may have been written inside the bottle.

We too would go to great lengths to get this message out to the world.

When you can’t say it to their face, send it in a bottle.

He dumped her?? With a post-it in a bottle???

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