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25th Aug 2018

“A History Of Sorrow And Shame” – Taoiseach Praised For “Strong” Speech In Presence Of Pope Francis

James Fenton

People are praising Taoiseach Leo Varadkar today for addressing the dark past of the Catholic Church in Ireland in the presence of Pope Francis at Dublin Castle.

In the speech, given in front of members of the clergy as well as senior Irish politicians, Varadkar said that the history of the church is one of “sorrow and of shame.” He added that “in place of Christian charity, forgiveness and compassion, far too often there was judgement, severity and cruelty, in particular towards women and children and those on the margins.”

He then appealed to the Pope to use his “office and influence” to ensure abuse survivors receive “justice and truth healing”.

A lot of people were impressed with how Varadkar spoke:

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