A Houseboat From Canada Has Washed Up On A Beach In Mayo Under Very Mysterious Circumstances


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Is this a sign? Is this Noah's Ark?

No, apparently it's a Canadian houseboat that has drifted all the way across the Atlantic, only to wash up on Cross Beach, Co. Mayo yesterday. 

According to RTÉ.ie, the boat had been docked in Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, Canada.

One commenter says they spotted it in Newfoundland in August:

And another commenter says they saw the boat docked in September:

While others are claiming to have seen it docked in various places around Canada and its provinces in recent times. 

This message is scribbled inside the boat:

The boat is believed to have been built by and belonged to a Rick Small. But how it ended up in Mayo is yet to be determined. 

The boat is to be removed by the Malin Coastguard 

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