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17th Jan 2022

“A sad sight for a great location” Belfast restaurant falls victim to anti-social behaviour

Katy Thornton

Freight’s C.S. Lewis Square location faced some anti social behaviour over the weekend as their window was smashed in.

Freight is one of Belfast’s best foodie treasures. They’re known for their quirky menus, and twists on classic brunch and dinner recipes. Freight does incredible bits for veggies and meat eaters alike, and is generally just a cool spot to eat in. They have two locations, one on Lisburn Road, and one based in C.S. Lewis Square. Unfortunately the latter location suffered a spot of anti social behaviour when their glass window was smashed in.

This appears to have happened multiple times. Freight’s caption states:

Hard to believe! Yet another window put through at our east Belfast branch.”

They go on to say how C.S. Lewis Square is a “community space” meant to be enjoyed by all, but that it is unfortunately not patrolled and therefore falls victim to “anti social behaviour“.

Freight managed to turn it around quickly, installing wooden windows, and reopening again for hungry customers the very next day. Having been to Freight myself more than a few times, I can say it’s an incredible place to eat, and would urge anyone who hasn’t been, whether they’re locals or tourists, to give it a go. We hope this is the last of this anti social behaviour.

Header image via Instagram/freight_belfast

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