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14th Aug 2018

Fantastic News Ireland – Expect “Abnormally Hot” Weather On This Beautiful Island Of Ours For The Next Four Summers To Come

Darragh Berry

We’ve been blown away with the summer that we’ve got here in Ireland and according to a study reported in the Journal Nature Communications, we can expect four more years of this type of summer weather.

The high-tech weather forecasting system has predicted that 2018 to 2022 will be “abnormally hot” courtesy of climate change.

Researchers found that sea and ground surface temperatures around the world could be “very high” between now and 2022.

The research was carried out before this summer’s heatwave and the researched predicted in January that 2018 had a ‘high probability of having a warm anomaly’.

We could have done with knowing that during The Beast from The East weather.

The new technique, called Procast (Probabilistic forecast), involves gathering info from previous changes in a system’s state and calculates “the probabilistic chances of transitions to future new states.”

Dr Florian Sevellec, one of the lead scientists with the group, said that:

“For 2018-2022, the probabilistic forecast indicates a warmer than normal period, with respect to the forced trend (of global warming). This will temporarily reinforce the long-term global warming trend.

“The coming warm period is associated with an increased likelihood of intense to extreme temperatures.’

We can’t wait.