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Ah Lads – Up To 40 Irish Men Lose Their Passports Every Week On Nights Out

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It’s being reported that around 40 young Irish men are losing their passports every weekend on nights out, after carrying it as a form of ID.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has brought out new information stating that a figure between 30 – 40 passports are handed in to them every single Monday as a direct “result of falling out of lads’ back pockets.”

Because of this, Patrick Brennan, Managing Director of Photo-Me, the DFA approved passport photograph service has urged Irish men to apply for the new passport card.

“It seems that Irish men in particular, have a habit of keeping their passport in their back pocket on a night out or while travelling and for this reason the passport card makes so much more sense.”

“It’s much more convenient and safer to store the credit card sized passport in a wallet and means you can leave your passport book at home for safe keeping in the unfortunate event that you do lose the card.”

Do you know anyone that could do with one of these?

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