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10th Jun 2020

Aldi cancels paddling pool sale over hosepipe ban

Sarah Finnan

Aldi has cancelled their upcoming paddling pool sale this week due to a national hosepipe ban ordered by Irish Water.

The supermarket chain had announced plans to sell two different styles of paddling pool later this week however Aldi has since cancelled the sale due to a hosepipe ban issued by Irish Water.

Bringing in a six-week national hosepipe ban, it aims to safeguard water supplies for essential purposes and means that the use of garden hosepipes to fill/maintain a domestic paddling pool is prohibited. Already in effect, the ban will be in place until July 21st.

With the sale due to kick off on Thursday, Aldi has advised customers that neither its inflatable Ring Paddling Pool nor its inflatable Jumbo Paddling Pool will be on sale. Encouraging people to do their bit to conserve water during this time, John Curtin, Group Buying Director for the store said:

“We understand that some customers may be disappointed, but conserving water usage at this time is a priority for our customers, so we need to support this national water restriction also so that everyone can play a part in helping to conserve water.”

The recent bout of good weather brought about a surge in demand for water which ultimately led to people using resources for non-essential purposes. According to Niall Gleeson, Managing Director of Irish Water: “Using a hosepipe for one hour is the equivalent of the daily water usage of an average family and this is evidently a non-essential use of water.”

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