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29th Oct 2018

All You Need To Know As Storm Deirdre Prepares To Land In Ireland

James Fenton

Have you got little ones to entertain during the mid-term break? There might be some bad news.

There’s a chance that Ireland will be rocked by Storm Deirdre, or even ex-hurricane Oscar with strong winds and low temperatures putting a dampener on the week.

Cathal Nolan of Midland Weather Channel said in a Facebook post:

Certainly the main focus for next weeks weather centres around the possibly stormy conditions that may develop through Thursday and into Friday as an Atlantic storm, possibly storm Deirdre or ex-hurricane Oscar, develops off the west coast before crossing the country.

At present the strongest winds would appear to be in the northwest of the country and along Atlantic coastal counties however there’s a considerable amount of time for the storms track and intensity to change, so do take notice of all weather forecasts and warnings..

He added that ‘All areas can expect to see some rain or showers on Wednesday before Thursday’s storm approaches, lasting well into Friday also.’

Not great news for those planning on trick or treating on Wednesday night. Before that, conditions are expected to be ‘dry and bright’ across Monday and Tuesday so at least there is some good news.

Roll on summer 2019.

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