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20th Nov 2017

Allegations Against Al Porter Could Cost Him Up To €500,000


The allegations against Al Porter are expected to cost him upward of €500,000, The Irish Independent reports.

With his TodayFM contract reportedly worth €140,000 a year, it’s expected that Al Porter will be down almost half a million from loss of earnings. 

The lunchtime radio host and comedian resigned from Today FM yesterday after allegations came out against him, including five reports from people alleging that he groped them inappropriately.

The Times also reported that Porter allegedly sent a highly inappropriate video to an Irish musician who had appeared on his radio show. 

Al Porter released a statement yesterday which began:

“I have been completely taken aback by reports in the media and on the social networks over the weekend, and by the scale and tone of the vitriol. While my conduct, which had been in keeping with my flamboyant and outrageous public persona may be regarded as offensive and unacceptable by many people, I at no time intended to upset anyone.”