An Irish Man Has Been Jailed For Stealing Five Selection Boxes

'The lad who stole Christmas'

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An Irish man, who was caught leaving a shop in Killarney with five Cadbury's selection boxes, has been jailed. 

His previous 54 convictions had been taken into consideration by Judge James O'Connor. 

The 26-year-old man has been named as Jason Coffey, from the Halting Site, Fossa, and has admitted to stealing five Cadburys Selection Boxes from Dealz, Killarney High Street on November 8.

The matter is to be dealt with at Killarney District Court.

Judge O’Connor had this to say about the crime:

If a guy has 54 previous convictions and he has the gall to steal five bars of chocolate. I can understand if he was hungry. Stealing five bars of chocolate... He has no respect for the system!

O'Connor added that “this is a jail scenario,” rejecting a plea from Coffey's solicitor to allow the case to be allocated onto the January list, getting his client over Christmas.

The judge gave Mr. Coffey the choice of ''six or seven months” if he deferred, or three weeks if he went into custody immediately.

Mr Coffey went for the shorter option, and was remanded in custody to brought again before the court next week. He is also expected to be further remanded upon returning.

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