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11th Jan 2022

Antrim man amazed as a letter with his life story instead of an address arrives on his doorstep

Katy Thornton

Fair play to Royal Mail for getting this letter into the right person’s hands.

We’ve all been there. You want to send a letter or a card, particularly during pandemic times when you may not be able to drop something in person, but you cannot for the life of you remember the person’s address. Cue a manic scramble on Google Maps (which in fairness has made things easier) and Street View, only to still not be 100% sure what the correct address is.

Well, Feargal Lynn from Antrim got quite the surprise when a letter arrived on his doorstep that was for him… only it had no postal address.

Image via Twitter/weefeargal

No, instead of an address, the sender of Feargal’s letter included his first name, a description of whereabouts he lives – “he lives across the road from Spar” – followed by some details of his personal life – “moved to Waterfoot after he got married” – and finally a general location with half a post code.

Well it was enough, as the letter did reach the intended recipient, much to Feargal’s amazement. Obviously he is known well enough for playing the guitar and being friends with “the fella that runs the butchers in Waterfoot” as the letter did arrive with him.

We don’t recommend testing out this tactic if you’re sending your own post, but just thought this was too gas not to share it. As Feargal says, it gave him a well needed laugh, and in turn, it gave the rest of us one too.

Header image via Shutterstock

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