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05th Feb 2017

Apparently Drinking Prosecco Is Good For You

Alana Laverty

Do you crave prosecco like it’s going extinct? 

Join the club.

According to the Evening Standard, study from The University of Reading has found that drinking prosecco (in moderation) can actually be good for you!

Like champagne, prosecco contains decent levels of polyphenols, which can be good for our blood. They appear to slow down the natural removal of nitric oxide from our blood and increasing blood flow ’round our bods. 

This in turn leads to decreased blood pressure and a lower likelihood of blood clots. 

This calls for a celebration!

Prosecco anyone?

The study is ongoing – further research is being carried out to work out the long-term impact of regular prosecco consumption, and researchers emphasise that drinking in moderation is important. 

So don’t go drinking three bottles a day now, y’hear?

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