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31st Oct 2017

Apparently This Is The Most Haunted County In Ireland


People still searching for a last-minute fright this Halloween should apparently make their way to the spooky midlands, after a leading Irish paranomal investigator has said that Offaly is the most haunted county in Ireland.

Dublin Live reports that Irish Ghost Hunters chief Tim Kelly said paranormal activity is especially strong in the three castles which make up the famous “haunted triangle”,Kinnitty, Leap and Charleville.

The ghost hunter said: “There’s no doubt in my mind Co Offaly is the most haunted in Ireland.

“Over the years we’ve conducted hundreds and hundreds of investigations and there’s something about it, particularly the energy around that haunted triangle.”

Tim also spoke of a poltergeist in Kinnitty Castle, saying that he heard his name being whispered overnight, as well as haunted vibes from Leap and Charleville.

Are you brave enough to go ghost hunting here?

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