The One Thing Irish Restaurants Should Stop Serving According To An Irish Michelin Star Chef

Most people would be absolutely lost without this

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There's a lot of people in Ireland, especially in Dublin, who would be absolutely lost if this was chopped off most Irish restaurant lists.

Michelin Star chef JP McMahon has told The Irish Independent that if there's one thing that shouldn't be used in Irish restaurants, it's avocado.

He said that most restaurants should at least cut down on how much they use because of the impact it has on the environment.

He described them as the "blood diamonds of Mexico" although they have been proven to lower bad cholesterol and reduce your chances of heart disease and stroke.

McMahon has not one but two Michelin star restaurants in Galway - Aniar and Tartare.

He said that he uses 'Jerusalem artichokes' as an alternative to avocados.

Cutting down or not using avocado is something that McMahon felt extremely strong about in an interview from earlier this year. He said that most people who consume avocados do not "understand the effect of eating it on the cost of human lives in countries such as Mexico and Bolivia".

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