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25th Jan 2019

PIC: Azealia Banks Goes On ‘Famine’ Rant In Horrible Online Comment

Darragh Berry

Azealia Banks played Dublin last night and according to most gig goers, the concert was one of a kind.

But, the rapper has gotten herself into serious trouble for her comments about Irish people in the last few days but these latest online comments are probably the worst of all.

When she was dissed by one online user, the rapper simply asked them “did they not have a famine to go die in”.

This was followed by comments about “inbred leprechauns” before she said how great it was that we were all kept “quarantined on one island so they can continue to inbreed.”

Azealia Banks Instagram Famine
Azealia Banks Instagram Famine 2
Azealia Banks Instagram Famine 3

It is being said that Banks is back in the UK.

Speaking about the Aer Lingus flights, the rapper said on her Instagram:

“People are so addicted to Azealia Banks trauma porn that they hop on ANY opportunity to try and make it seem like my life is all sad and horrible. I’m FINE GUYS! I didn’t get kicked off the plane.

“I got off the plane on my own. When I got off the plane they kept chastising me and saying they were gonna call the police (for no reason) and it made me cry. my Dublin show at the academy is part of a series of joints to rebuild my profile in Ireland and the UK.

“I’m honestly so grateful the show went well!!!! I’ve been really really missing all my friends across the pond and if I have to drive ten hours to a four hour ferry to preserve my peace of mind and be in the highest spirits to re-connect with my people then A bitch has to do what she has to do.”