Ballsy Pensioner On A Zimmer Frame Attempts To Steal Steve McQueen Portrait In Belfast

What a chaaaancer

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Nope you haven't accidentally clicked onto Waterford Whispers... this actually happened.

A police hunt is underway for two pensioners who are suspected to have attempted to steal a huge portrait of Steve McQueen, but failed. 

One of the alleged perpetrators tried to make her getaway on a Zimmer frame. The other wore a zebra print jacket. Both were blonde.

Blondes attempt to have more fun, eh?

This incident has been dubbed the "Great Escape" by the PSNI and is making headlines for being the most bizarre thing to ever happen. Ever

However, the portrait was too big to cram into their car, and, apparently, after damaging it some they called it a day, left it behind and made a runner. The picture was later recovered beside Tedfords restaurant. So it wasn't that great of an escape after all. 

The ballsy attempt was made at the Bullitt Hotel on Ann Street, Belfast shortly after 8PM on Sunday evening and the poor hotel only open a day. 


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