Bank Of Ireland Customer? Watch Out For This Scam

Eerily realistic, this scam could be the one to get you

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If you're a Bank of Ireland customer, you may have received a call, text or email in the past few days, attempting to inform you that they are a service provider, offering you either money, a refund or tax back. 

As with most scams, to claim the potential goods, you need to click on a link and insert your precious bank details. 

At this stage, alarm bells should be ringing, but if they're not - stop what you're doing right now, step away from the phone. 

The email going around looks a little like the one pictured below, created by people constantly and consistently looking for ways to fool people into handing over details, and therefore, cash.

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Photo cred: Newstalk

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We have to hand it to them, as far as scams go, it appears rather realistic. Everything is the same, apart from the URL. Any number of dodgy email addresses have been reported, but this one in particular shows up as - an email address in no way linked to the bank.  

If you have received this email, just delete it and it shouldn't bother you. If you're worried you have fallen victim to a scam, contact your bank immediately.  

H/T: Newstalk

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