Bank Of Ireland Customers Warned About Fraudulent Emails And Phone Calls

'We’re aware that a fraudster is making calls & sending e-mails...'

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Bank Of Ireland has again warned customers not to respond to phone calls or emails claiming to be from the company. 

The bank issued similar warnings back in February and again at Easter time and has tonight posted on Twitter to reiterate that the communications are being made by a 'fraudster'.

The post reads:

'We’re aware that a fraudster is making calls & sending e-mails claiming to be from BOI. Please be very careful of any ‘offers’ you may be asked to take up. To check if it’s a genuine call just send us a DM. Never disclose any serial numbers or log in details to your accounts.'

Bank Of Ireland has warned anyone who feels they may have fallen victim to the scam contact them by phone or on Twitter. 

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