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31st Oct 2018

This Irish Beauty Company Has Gotten In Serious Trouble With The ASAI

Darragh Berry

The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) has confirmed that it has upheld four complaints made against an Irish beauty company.

The ruling, which was posted on the ASAI website, states that BiaBelle Beauty Lashes claimed their false eyelashes were cruelty free.

The online retailer sells nearly 20 different types of lashes and said on its website that they were made ‘cruelty free’.

One of the lashes called ‘The Lolly Lash’ was claimed to be made using “faux mink”.

The FAQ section on their website even stated that: “Are the lashes cruelty-free? Yes, all of our lashes are made cruelty-free”, but the ASAI said that this was misleading.

The ruling said that: “One complainant referred to the fact the lashes were imported from China, where animal cruelty laws did not compare to those in the EU.”

The report continues:

“They said that it had been put into the mink category on their website but the description had incorrectly stated that it was faux mink and hadn’t been spotted by them. They said that as they were a new business, they had encountered a few teething problems, however, mistakes were corrected immediately.”

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