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20th Dec 2016

A Real Life Superhero – Irish Man Saves His Friend From A Brutal Shark Attack


We all like to think we’d step up in an emergency but Wexford man Shane de Roiste was a real-life superhero when his friend was set on by a shark in Australia last year.

And now, he is being nominated for the Pride of Australia Medal in recognition of his “remarkable” bravery.

Shane and his friend were surfing 200m off the Australian coast when the frightening attack occurred.

A great white shark grabbed de Roiste’s best friend’s thigh and left him within an inch of his life due to a loss of 2.5 litres of blood.

Shane, who was a few metres away on his surf board, responded quickly by sticking his fingers into the shark’s eye, which caused it to release its bite. 

He then took his best friend, Dave Carr, to the shore where he tied the wound together with his shoelaces.

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His quick action paid off as all is well now and the two pals were back surfing together six months after the attack.

Fair play!

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