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08th Sep 2018

Brian McFadden Fires Back At Tweeter Who Tried To Educate Him About Speeding

James Fenton

Former Westlife star Brian McFadden has revealed to his Twitter followers that he has been suspended from driving and fined £450 after being caught speeding.

After receiving the ban yesterday, McFadden posted: ‘Just left court in Nottingham. I was Clocked doing 39 in a 30 zone. 6 months suspension and £450 fine. Drink driver crashed his car he got 12 months and an £85 fine. As far as driving to my gigs the prosecution suggested I tweet my followers for a lift! Joke’

Another Twitter user then attempted to explain to Brian that the 30mph limit is there for a reason to which the Dubliner responded: ‘Then I’ll make sure I’m doing 50 so I definitely won’t have to listen to this.”

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It isn’t the first time McFadden has been in trouble for his driving. He was also questioned about whether he had any previous penalty points and replied: ‘Had 9 pts already. 67 in a 60 69 in a 60 and 60 in a 50.’

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