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17th Feb 2018

Brits “Terrified” As Strongest Earthquake In Ten Years Hits UK

Megan Cassidy

A minor earthquake hit Wales and England this afternoon, with a reported 4.4 magnitude.

The quake hit at 2:31pm, with tremors felt across the whole of Manchester, with further reports of activity in South West England and Wales.

The British Geological Survey has since confirmed the epicentre of the earthquake was around 20km north-east of Swansea, 7.4km below the Earth’s surface.

Cardiff Police tweeted moments after the quake asking members of the public not to phone in to report it.

They said: “There has been a minor earthquake throughout South Wales….no need for you to contact the Emergency Services unless you have something to report ie:- injuries or damage.

“Hope this sets you minds at rest SWP”.

Earthquake 1

It has been suggested that earthquakes of this magnitude happen in the UK every 3 to 5 years.

In a BGS report, they said there are 3000 of these events every year around the world, however this was the biggest onshore quake in the UK in ten years, since the Market Rasen earthquake on 27 Feb 2008.

Tremors and “wobbles” were felt across Greater Manchester, and people were quick to jump on social media.

Twitter user Alexes Rogers said: “Definitely felt it in Salford Quays. I was worried there’d been a plane crash or explosion down the road! #earthquake manchester #Salford”.

Richard Jones said: “Thought I was going mad. I was shaking on the sofa.”

BGS added: “This is the biggest event in the area since the 5.2 magnitude earthquake in 1906.”

More information here.

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