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11th Apr 2018

Burglar ‘Defecated On Counter Of Garda Station’ And Stole Gardai Hats


A man who broke into a Garda station in Donegal and went to the toilet on the counter before stealing official Gardai items has appeared before Letterkenny District Court.

The Irish Independent reports that the now 21-year-old Michel Brennan broke into Lifford Garda station in 2015 through a side window shortly before 5am. 

He defecated on the counter and stole two Garda caps, a pocket diary, handcuffs, a car key, a Garda vest, a torch and two Garda radios.

CCTV footage shows him going to the toilet on the counter and a swab was taken from the faeces in order to find Brennan. He left the station after about 25 minutes wearing a Garda cap.

He pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage during a burglary at the station

Brennan was eventually arrested and was still wearing some of the stolen items at the time, and was later jailed for three months for possession of stolen goods.

Judge Paul Kelly said that “there was a repulsive message in what he did and a clear message was sent to the authorities and also by the way he paraded around” and adjourned the case until June 11, allowing for €225 to be paid for cleaning fee.

Header image: Lifford Garda Station/Google Maps