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17th Sep 2020

Can I travel into Dublin? Your questions answered as capital expected to move to level three

James Fenton

Dublin is expected to move into level three of the newly-published Living with Covid plan as cases of coronavirus continue to rise in the capital.

With Dubliners advised to restrict their movements and reduce their social contacts, what does it mean for the rest of the country? Every day, people from outside Dublin travel in massive numbers to the capital for work, education and leisure purposes but the current situation will mean that you should avoid doing so if possible. Here’s everything you need to know if Dublin enters level three of Covid-19 restrictions as expected…

Can I travel into Dublin for work?

With the rest of the country on level two of restrictions, people are asked to work from home if possible. However, travel into Dublin is allowed for ‘essential on-site meetings, inductions and training.’

Can I travel to Dublin for school or college?

Yes. Education is seen as an essential reason to cross county borders.

Can people in Dublin leave the county?

Under level three of Covid-19 restrictions, people are advised to ‘stay in your county (or other defined geographical area) apart from work, education and other essential purposes, if appropriate.’

Will public transport into Dublin be operating?

Public transport will be running at 50% capacity.

All of this is dependent on whether Dublin enters level three alert and this is expected to happen before the weekend. More information can be found here.

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