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16th Nov 2017

Can’t Sleep? Penneys Has Genius Lavender-Scented Pillowcases To Fix That


Yet another prime example of our beloved Penneys giving us the things we never even knew we needed: lavender infused pillowcases.

With sleep sprays and sleep candles and sleep apps alllllllll the rage right now (people just want their eight hours kip goddamit), trust Penneys to get right on trend.

Their lavender infused pillowcases are meant to relax you and help you drift off as you breathe in the sleepy essential oil. Sounds pretty blissful.

There’s also fancy aloe vera pillowcases and a SILK one too 

Aloe vera is known to have skin soothing properties and is often used in Ayurvedic treatments for healing, while sleeping on a silk pillowcase apparently smooths your hair and prevents breakages from all that tossing on rough cotton sheets.

We’re sold.

And at just €6 each, we reckon we’re gonna have to try them all…

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