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07th Nov 2018

A Controversial Christmas Event At This Irish College Has Been Cancelled This Year

Darragh Berry

A lot of students are going to feel hard done by the fact that this yearly event has been cancelled.

If you went to college in Galway, it was the last big celebration you had before the thought of exams.

It was a sort of like a mini-rag week and it was loved by all.

Well, nearly all – the Students’ Union at NUIG has decided to cancel the event this year.

On NUIG’s Christmas Day, people would throw on a Christmas jumper, get free into the college bar and were able to get a big Christmas dinner feed if they wished.

The queues were legendary and would start from around 9am and the craic inside would be 90.

Talking to NUIG’s newspaper, SIN, the student union, said that it would instead be hosting a charity Christmas jumper competition in Electric on November 29.

Christmas Day was cancelled in Maynooth University in 2017 and almost didn’t take place in NUIG because of the backlash from previous years.

In 2017, NUIG used a ticket policy for the event but turnout was lower than previous years and students decided to head into town instead to carry on the tradition.

There’s multiple reasons why Christmas Day isn’t going ahead this year, according to the Union but the three main reasons are: Security concerns, ‘high level of drinking’ and disruption to classes being held in buildings in the vicinity.

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