Cookie Dough Marshmallow Fluff Now Exists And We Wanna Eat It Every Day


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If you’ve been lucky enough to spend a bitta time in the US of A, then you’ll already be aware of the magical stuff that is marshmallow fluff.

This super gooey, fluffy sweet spread makes toast extra special and (no judgements plz), is just as yum licked straight off the spoon.

And now you can get cookie dough flavoured marshmallow fluff - this has got to be the holy grail.

An American company, The Toasted Mallow, makes the most amazing gourment marshmallow fluffs, including S’mores and now their cookie dough jar.

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The Arizona based store technically only delivers to US addresses, but when has that ever stopped us greedy folk? If you’re dying to get your hands on this you can easily use a postal delivery service such as An Post’s Address Pal.

You miiiiight wanna order a few jars of this… You’ll be eating it all day, er’ day.

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